Athamani; the first person in his family to complete P7.

Athamani; the first person in his family to complete P7.

Meet Athamani (The young man in the middle with the pink lay around his neck)


He is the first person in his family to complete P7, graduate, and decide to follow Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. It sure didn't start out that way.


When Athamani came to us, nine years ago, his attitude filled the classroom with anger and disobedience.  Being the biggest kid in class did not help his situation. 

During those days I taught the Kindergarteners and LOVED it.  Athanmai was not the only child with a background of abandonment. A good percentage of students were raising themselves on the streets or by an elderly grandmother. Loving these kids, introducing them to Jesus, and providing an outstanding education that opens doors for a better future is my first priority.


Because many children like Athamani were failing classes even Kindergarten was difficult academically. Leadership put our heads together and started an after school program to help these students with their studies and extra meals on the weekends. 

During the weekday every student and teacher receives two hot meals a day at school. This need became apparent in the first month of opening our school. The students arrived hungry and tired making it extremely difficult to learn. It was all a learning curve for me as well. 


Our teachers still volunteer every Saturday to help children struggling with certain subjects.  Everyone including guards cares about the kids in Kamala and wants to see them succeed in life as leaders that know Jesus Christ.


Years ago one of our teachers felt bad for these kids and started a feeding program on Saturdays he even paid for it out of his own teacher's salary this led to Hope of the Nations stepping in and providing an ongoing food program for students with no help at home.

Books purchased during the Covid lockdown brought in enough funds to feed our entire school of 225 people for 4 months. Thank you! xoxo


Graduating from Primary School is a HUGE accomplishment. Going on to High School is almost unheard of in Kamala Village. As of today, all of our P7 students have passed the National Exams and are in High Schools all over the country.  They take their Bible to school, lead with confidence, and are world changers!  I am beyond PROUD of them and our National teachers who care deeply. 


Every time you purchase a book on this site the proceeds go to feed, educate, provide good salaries for our teachers and bring

Hope to the Nations through the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. 


If you would like to donate towards "Kids in Kamala" you can give a one-time gift or monthly on our Hope of the Nations nonprofit site.


Purchase books here

Thank you, in HIM, Coni xoox


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Happiness graduates.

Happiness graduates.




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