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As promised a post about change.

“Change. Isn’t that something we want when we pray?”


Change in our marriage, with our children, change in a job, or career?

Lately, I have been praying for a change in our world, especially the USA. I asked for more of HIS presence nudging people to fall to their knees and cry out to Jesus for change.


In my little world, I asked for more book sales to feed our children in Kamala, which meant change.  From being hungry kids to fed physically.  Spiritually I ask for a change in their hearts.  For Jesus to be enough.


What are the changes you want in your life?  What tugs at your heart as you watch your world change?  Is God calling you to move in prayer? 



Prayer changes everything.

The picture in this post is of a little 5yr old girl praying for women ten times her age. She is asking God to change the hearts of the women coming to Bible Study.  When we teach our children to pray, their hearts change and so do the people they pray for.


Today, let's be people who desire more of Jesus' presence!  Let's get on our knees and ask God to change us and the people He dearly loves. 


For God so loved the world he gave US HIS only SON.  That if we believe in Him we will not perish but have eternal life.  With Him, forever changed.

in HIM,  Coni xoxoxo


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