Happiness graduates.

Happiness graduates.


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This week is about our P7 graduates from our Primary School.

Saturday, 18 students ,who started with us when they were only 4 yrs old, graduated.  

Lots of tears and cheers. I miss them already.




Happiness, is one of the grads. She holds a special place in my heart. I found her when she was 4 yrs old, living with her mommy, the town prostitute, in a dirt hut with no electricity or running water.



Happiness is the youngest of three siblings, all from different men and no father among the bunch. I had the privilege of introducing Mama Ingish, Happiness's mother, to Jesus as her Savior. When the Holy Spirit got a hold of this family, all kinds of wonderful things happened. First off, Mama Ingish changed occupations. Hope of the Nations Training Center taught her how to make / sell jewelry. 

Then God healed her from a horrible car accident which should have taken her life, but God had more in store for this family huddled together under a grass / mud hut on an old bare mattress.   

Happiness started Kindergarten at Hope of the Nations Primary School. She loved to sing songs about Jesus. After Jesus healed her mommy's body, they would sing out loud where ever they went to anyone who would listen about the love of Jesus. 


Happiness's older brother, Ingish, gave his life to Jesus and is now married. They are celebrating their 1-month-old daughter.  



Neema, their older sister, is following in their mother's footsteps before she believed in Christ. We pray for Neema, which means Grace, will one day turn from the ways of the world and walk like her mommy did, loving our Lord. 

After graduation, I had the opportunity to ask Happiness how she was doing and what she felt called to study in secondary school. Throughout a student's education with H of N, we encourage each child to pray and ask God what He has for them to do in life. In her younger years, she would say, "I want to be a famous singer." Now, she wants to be a nurse and help people like her mommy, who passed away three years ago from HIV.  

Happiness is the first person in her family to ever graduate from Primary School, which means she is the only one accepted into Secondary School. Mama Ingish would have sung one of her made of songs Thanking Jesus, and been so proud of her. I, too, am praising God for this little girl who had no hope now going off to be a leader and world changer full of HOPE for her future.

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I could go on about each graduate, but I will wait till next time. 

Next week we meet Athamani!



In HIM, Coni 

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Mamas carry food from the school to their homes.

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Athamani; the first person in his family to complete P7.

Athamani; the first person in his family to complete P7.


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